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26 Jan 2011

Double Call Vol 8 Ch 2 is released! YAY!

Wow... I thought I had updated the website but apparently I hadn't. Gomen gomen! It's done now.
Sigh... Beline, the amazing person who founded this group back in 2004, e-mailed me, several months ago, asking me to shut down pretty much everything. She has been really ill and was going to be in the hospital. I hope everyone will wish her well. That however left the group with just me to wrap things up.

Everything's dropped except:
Double Call, which is a joint with Hiiro Reiichi LJ community. Volume 8 will continue to be a joint and Volume 9 on will be just them. My bad. THIS is the last chapter of the joint. They'll be doing the rest with Fantasy Shrine. I really will continue to QC it since I'm the only one involved who knows anything about baseball...
Renai no Ryoubun which is edited and I'll release it as I fix mistakes in it.
And Trouble Maker Ch 4 (only this one) for the same reason.
So basically everything is dropped except the stuff I have to fix... Please don't ask how long I've had these...

- MegKF